Why choose the Virtual Venue?

The Virtual Venue is a part of PYTCH - a creative experiential agency specialising in unique services.

Accommodation booking

Too busy to book a hotel? Leave that to us. Bristol has a plethora of great hotels so let us do the hard work!


We think food is important. So important we have our own on-site chef! Get in touch with us to find out more. Or, if you fancy heading into the big city, we can recommend a number of hidden gems. Let us know!

Event content creation

Our in house content team can provide full broadcast packages, custom 'venue skins' or help advise on what works best on the massive LED wall. The venue can be changed dynamically - one minute you can be in a virtual office, the next in outer space!

Highlights video

Don't let your virtual event go unnoticed. We can provide a full highlights package to make sure those who didn't attend, will definitely attend next time!

Transport to and from the Venue

Getting around any city can be stressful. Whether you're down the road or in a different country, we can provide you with excellent transport options so you don't have to worry!

Project Manager

When you book the venue we can provide any level of service, from general assistance through to full creative and production management. We have a full team of skilled producers, managers, and technicians in-house and on hand ready to make your booking a complete success.